I’ve had the OhmGeek.co.uk domain for quite a while now, mostly reserved as a side project that I didn’t have time for, and never wanted to spent time on.

It’s time for a change: this is going to be my home for writing, to improve my writing skills, and generally explore my interests. I’m definitely not a seasoned writer by any means, but hopefully this is one way of getting towards that goal!

This is my second attempt at doing something like this, the first being in the Autumn of 2015, where after 2 blog posts I stopped writing. Hopefully this fares better!

What will I be writing about? This is likely to change, but currently I’m envisioning a few different writing topics:

  • Disney park history (mostly investigating various Disney Park attractions/how they worked/how I think they worked/etc)
  • Random technology rants/experiments
  • Maybe some living with allergies/lifestyle posts thrown in for good measure.

We shall see what the future holds!